Dual Core __ A Basic Explanation

    Without dual core you have only one computer running which means you can only do one thing at any one instant. You may think you are multi-tasking but in reality you work on one program for a few cycles then another one then back to the first one and so on...

With Dual Core technology IF your program uses SMP (symmetrical multi processes) then you can be working on more than one thing at a time within one program. This is called Multi-Threading. An example of this is Adobe Photo Shop, a photo editing program which requires lots of power to run well. SMP programs are usually the big expensive programs that do lots of things concurrently. Most of us don't use them.

By now you are thinking "Dual Core won't help me very much." Wrong!

You don't have to have the benefits of SMP programs to reap the benefits of Dual Core. Lets say your surfing the net doing research for a document you are writing and you have music playing in the background. Then you remember you wanted to do a Virus or Spyware scan of your hard disk today so you start your scanner. You have probably hit a wall by now and everything slows to a crawl. Sound familiar?

  Dual Core to the rescue. If you have dual core you have two CPUs in one computer. With them you should have more memory as well because each CPU will need some for the programs it is working on. You multi-task even if you are only surfing the web. Windows has many, many tasks running at the same time usually. With Dual Core they can be done sooner which speeds up your system or many more things can be done concurrently without breaking up or slowing down. When music or video starts to breakup because of too much being multi-tasked in a single CPU it get frustrating. Dual Cores help considerably.

  Today a Dual Core system is quickly becoming the standard for Personal Computers. They have come down in price considerably from only a few months ago and are not much more than similar single core system. C&C sells a complete Dual Core system for under $700 and an upgrade tower for $399 so you can see Dual Core may be in your near future.

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